Best WordPress Plugins – WooCommerce

 As usual, there comes a time when you want to expand your website a bit, that is, to insert an online sale (so-called eSale) and thus earn a few dinars more. If your site is made on the WordPress platform, we would suggest an add-on for your WooCommerce eShop website.

WooCommerce is a free add-on (which you can upgrade to the premium version), through which you can very easily create your online shop (eShop). As for the plugin itself, it is very easy to use for both developers and users who use it. Also, the plugin itself allows you full flexibility of your action, from setting the tax to the number of stocks you currently have with you. Add or delete some of the extensions, create a design that suits you, adjust the settings as you wish… and it’s all of course you control yourself.



The great popularity of WooCommerce

Due to such features, WooCommerce itself is used by as many as 30% of all eStores with more than 3 million active installations.
This plugin allows you to both physically sell items (T-shirts, pens, sneakers…) and digital sales (program licenses, audio/video…).
If you upgrade this add-on to the premium version, you get scheduling, membership, and subscription options (if these are some products that need to be renewed on a monthly/annual basis).

Send your package ANYWHERE!

A necessary thing for every eShop is that the ordered item actually reaches the customer. With this add-on, you can set whether sending packages will be completely free, or you plan to set postage for your package as well. You can also choose for which countries you want to send your package.


It is never easier, as our people would say, to buy from an armchair. WooCommerce cooperates with most credit cards, Paypal, bank transfers, as well as with the possibility of payment upon delivery of the product (which is the most used in our area).
Another important item – WooCommerce itself has provided the use of the most necessary plugins so you can track the growth of your sales with Google Analytics, Delivery Notes, and PDF accounts.

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