Average Salary of WordPress developer in Delhi India

 Average Salary of WordPress Developer in Delhi

So, let’s talk about what is WordPress and how much you earn from WordPress Projects in India. So, if we talk about as a freelancer the average salary of  WordPress developer depends on the No of projects he/she handling in a month.
Calculating a single case of “WordPress Developer Rights” is a difficult task there are cases that can change these numbers.
First of all, since WordPress is so popular (currently 32% of Web sites are WordPress sites), there are a lot of people who carry the “WordPress developer” tag with them.
For example, there is a difference between WordPress developers and their executors. Developers are those who work directly with code and seek solutions, while executors are more likely to use those solutions and turn them into sites for customers. But many people consider both of them as WordPress developers. Especially when it comes to freelancing.
So, today we only talk about the WordPress Executors.



What job sites say about the average salary of WordPress developer or Executors

For this section, we have collected WordPress developer rights data from popular job sites.
On all of these sites, we use India for the average WordPress developer. Specifically, other countries or even certain states in India will differ from this average:
  • Fiverr: $10-40 (Per Hour)
  • Upwork: $8-50 (Per Hour)
  • Toptal: $30
  • Simply Hired: $10-20 (Per Hour)
  • PeoplePerHour: $5-25 (Per Hour)
  • Hirect: INR 5,000-20,000
Or, as per my personal experience the minimum salary of WordPress developer (Executor) you earn INR 5,000 for a single project if you are not an expert but in the case of experts this average is totally changed. The average for a WordPress Executor expert is INR 15,000.
What does the data say about freelancing rates for a WordPress developer?
Many WordPress developers(Executors) are freelancers, not full-time employees.
Here we collect data from popular freelancing markets.
Unlike full-time salaries, there is not necessarily an average here. Instead, we find the dominant range of freelance WordPress developers on every platform.
These numbers are also universal. Because most freelance sites have freelancers from all over the world.
Freelance WordPress Developer Rates in the Public Market
By general, we mean large freelance markets such as Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, and more.
Anyone can register in these markets and there is virtually no evaluation process to determine who can call themselves a WordPress developer.

There are two data points here…

First, according to an Upwork article, the average freelance WordPress developer on their platform is in the $ 20- $ 100 range.
Second, we took a look at a helpful article in People Per Hour that categorized freelancers based on the rates they receive.
WordPress Developer Rights
Of the 3,768 freelancers displayed by searching for the keyword “WordPress Developer”, the rates are as follows:
67% earn less than $ 15 per hour.
24% receive between $ 15 and $ 35 per hour.
7% receive between $ 35 and $ 60 per hour.
2% receive more than $ 60 per hour.
Specialized markets for freelancing
High numbers are not very specific in the general freelancing market. In fact, we have to agree with Bridget, these rates are very attractive! But if you look at specialized freelance markets, they get a little better.
Unlike Upwork or people per hour, these markets must be tested before freelancers are allowed to look for work. As a result, it is more difficult to enter these markets. But if you pass the tests, the rates look much better.
salary of WordPress developer



Salary of wordpress Developer Increase by this Tips

Average Project for a wordpress Developer or Executors is almost 10k depends on the project and the time span. But, in india Average Project for WordPress website Developments is starts from 5k and maximum goes to 40k Depend on Your skills. So, salary of WordPress developer goes from 5k – 40k.
Well, now you know how others get paid. But knowing how much someone else’s salary is does not bring you more money!
So how do you increase the amount of money you earn as a WordPress developer? And in general, we want to see how the salary of a WordPress developer increases.
Whether you are below average or are already making good money, here are some tips on how to increase your income as a WordPress developer.
For every customer request, you get, raise your rate a bit.
Keep doing this until you reach the desired point.
If necessary, increase your rates for existing customers when you find the right spots.
To make it easier for customers to digest your prices, focus on the value you create, not the price. This is always a good way to market yourself in any freelance business.

Work on your communications

Another increase in WordPress developer rights is the expansion of communications. You can be the best WordPress developer on earth, but if you can not communicate effectively, you will not achieve your goal. Developers need to be able to clearly explain projects to customers in a simplified way so that they understand. Keep in mind that most customers are not very tech-savvy, which is why they are looking to hire a developer in the first place.
A developer must also take the time to learn the language. Whether it is English, Spanish or anything else. Language barriers can lead to delays, frustration, and ultimately dissatisfied customers. Yes, this means reading and reviewing emails before sending them. Poor typos and grammar are completely unprofessional. If necessary, get help from a tool like Grammarly or Hemingway.
I find that the most important factor in increasing revenue is communication. Many people have the technical ability to complete complex projects, but if you can not connect with a large range of customers with different technical levels, your revenue will decrease. You should have the whole package complete today. Being technically savvy is no longer enough. This is what sets us apart from Codeable. “Communication is a vital element in Codeable that brings committed quality to every customer.”

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