ALT tag – definition (SEO dictionary)

The ALT tag is an HTML attribute of the IMG (image) tag. The IMG tag is used to ensure the display of images.

The ALT attribute is the text that is displayed when the image cannot be loaded (in case the file is missing, for example). In other words, it is a description of an image in HTML format of your website.

To give you an example, here’s what a standard IMG tag might look like:


<img src = ”optimization-seo.jpg” alt = ”technique to optimize SEO” />

The importance of the ALT tag for SEO

ALT tags have SEO value on search engines. The point is, Google can’t (at least for now) see what the actual image shows, but bots can read the ALT tag.

Unlike humans, search engines only read ALT text in images, not the images themselves. There is no better way to let Google know about the content of your images than by using this tag.

In addition, where relevant, you can include keywords from your activity in your ALT tags.


So, do not miss the opportunity to strengthen your SEO and fill in all the ALT tags for all images when creating a website. 






ALT tag - definition (SEO dictionary)

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