WordPress is celebrating its 15th anniversary, it has other reasons to celebrate as well. With over 65 million websites and blogs created in WordPress and big companies like TechCrunch and CNN using it, it is no surprise that marketers and developers recommend it to their colleagues and customers.

The WordPress platform is known to have a number of advantages: it’s free, it has a dedicated community behind it, and developers are rapidly expanding the choices of themes, layouts, and plugins to accommodate any need or purpose of the site.

While most WordPress plugins are used as blogging platforms, they can accommodate any organization or business from an e-commerce store to a social networking community.

Whether you are starting a business learning how to improve your online presence or have had an “unsatisfactory” site for some time, you may have heard of WordPress. Wondering what it is and how it works for businesses. WordPress, simply put, is a publishing platform used to build blogs and websites. It enables a unique niche for consumers, powering tens of millions of websites around the world with many huge manufacturers such as the New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, PlayStation and CNN. There is no doubt that WordPress has an amazing client list.

Every website, big or small, requires a good content management system. When designing a website, you want the best digital publishing system available. There are several platforms out there that you could use. However, WordPress is still ranked as the best for website design.

Many expert studies show that over 29% of websites worldwide use WordPress, with the numbers increasing on a daily basis. It has evolved into an effective content management system

 The following is a list of 9 reasons why you might want to use it :

  1. It has been around for many years

WordPress started in 2003, when no one had the basic idea for a CMS or a blogging site. Although it started out as a tool for bloggers, it quickly evolved into a platform for everyone, from business owners to developers with minimal expertise. Nearly 500 new websites are created daily using WordPress.

You do not have the same confidence in some of the latest CMS platforms that are “emerging” and struggling to attract a larger body of consumers, they will either be acquired by a competitor or will be shut down altogether.

  1. Open source CMS

Open source only means that the WordPress code is free and accessible to all users. An open CMS will not make your online property vulnerable. In fact, using WordPress you have taken the first step in improving security.

You can easily download and modify WordPress code whenever needed. It is important to keep in mind that not all changes will be accepted by the WordPress team. You may need to update to a new version if your changes are approved.

In addition, acquiring WordPress costs nothing. Today, there are over 31,000 WordPress plugins and over 2600 WordPress themes online. All you need is a web host and a structured domain to run WordPress, and you’re ready to go.

  1. Choose a “friendly” search engine

It is a dream of almost every site owner, to be ranked higher in the search engines. WordPress is designed to be SEO friendly, so you can download WordPress to enhance this feature and increase your domain optimization.

Using WordPress makes your site more attractive to search engines. The main reason is that the platform was written to adapt to high-level clean code. Thus, it contains the ability to produce semantic signals.

Its fast responsive and very logical design makes search engines prefer WordPress. The platform gives each page and post unique meta tags, allowing more detailed search optimization.

  1. Easy adjustment

No business owner wants to get stuck with cookie-cutter sites and if you use WordPress, it will not happen. WordPress theme system refers to the application of attractive designs quickly. All you have to do is buy a license for a high quality theme, which comes with detailed instructions and predefined layouts for tons of uses.

In addition, WordPress is at the heart of the thriving freelance development community. This means that whenever you need help, you can easily find it.

If you think you have the basic technical skills with a well-documented topic, try making the modifications yourself.

  1. Support from the WordPress community

While the customization options and plugins available can be overwhelming, there are many places you can look for help. One of the best things about WordPress is the number of users who use it. WordPress is a huge social forum co-ordinated by its employees and fans. If the answer you are looking for can not be found in the forum, ask the question there.

You can also request help outside of WordPress. There are many blogs and sites with articles like WPBeginner.com for all WordPress, talking from plugin reviews to theme building. Since the majority of users who create a website with WordPress love the plethora of options and its flexibility they are always ready and willing to help others get started.

  1. Ī”ugins and  themes

WordPress has a wide range of features, increasing the plugins that are available both for a fee and for free. Each theme usually has a layout or design for the front end of the website and the plugin displayed in the WordPress gallery is accompanied by individual user reviews so you know how both will work when implemented.

In addition to reviewing reviews, you can also see when the theme or plugin was last updated. If more than a year has passed, it may be worth trying something else since WordPress has a recent important update.

While there are a plethora of themes and plugins online, you need to do extensive research to make sure they work properly together. Many important plugins like BuddyPress (a complete social networking / community plugin) can only work under certain themes that have been developed around them.

When it comes to CMS organizational platforms, it’s worth the cost to invest in a premium or unique theme for your website. In addition, unique plugins that enhance the user experience are usually worth buying.

  1. A simple host

WordPress can be easily installed on any web host, as it covers about 60% of the entire web. Most web hosts include one-click installation for the CMS or come pre-installed with it. This means that customers have complete freedom when deciding where to host their WordPress site. You can easily find the cheapest or fastest hosting provider and set up a local installation on your computer for development and testing purposes.

Bourn Creative award-winning designer Jennifer Bourne began her relationship with WordPress after a particularly “tedious” interaction with a client whose constant demand was to make immediate changes to her website late at night. The site used a CMS, but it was so difficult that the customer did not want to deal with the update himself.

“I was on my limits and I started looking for another solution. “In search, I was in WordPress, and when I realized how easy it would be for my clients to do their content reviews, I loved it,” says Bourne.

The CMS platform used by Bourne was LightCMS and while doing the job it was “rigid” and difficult to understand. It had a high cost and made it very difficult for customers to make changes themselves. What Bourne loves most about WordPress is that it can be simpler than it is. From a simple blogging forum or a huge media site, WordPress is flexible and can meet the needs of almost any project while maintaining its ease of use.

  1. Secure access

As WordPress is today the largest blog and site building platform in the world, it is vital to protect your content from spam attacks. WordPress sites are targeted, mostly because there are so many of them (as any popular CMS platform can attest). Fortunately, there are many possible options to keep your CMS secure.

Make sure you invest in a secure theme and consider using a back-up plugin service like VaultPress. There are paid and free options but read all the reviews before you decide to install one. It is also helpful to occasionally back up your hard drive or computer just in case. Since WordPress is used in such large numbers, the options for content protection are endless.

 Affordable experts

The numbers are usually on your side when it comes to finding the best SEO consultant or web developer for your new content management system. Many web developers are specialized in managing WordPress, which means that it will be easy to find someone. Because of this competition, some designers can work cheaper than others, working with their own CMS. There are also many design companies that specialize in building WordPress websites, so they have more knowledge and better service.

After you build your site, of course, you should promote it and an ideal solution is SEO. WordPress is the management system chosen by SEO professionals and most people know how to work on this platform. The reason is that WP has various SEO plugins that allow them to provide a higher level of support, customization, optimization and user support.

Finally, while the requirements may differ in both cases, setting up and designing SEO often takes less time than building the entire CMS from scratch.

For example, Ilona Filipi, Founder and CEO of Moove, a London-based WordPress organization that creates and supports high-performance websites, started working with WordPress as a freelancer more than a decade ago. She was new to the CMS world and conducted extensive CMS research to select the right one for her projects. Research has shown that WordPress is the best platform used for client websites.

“Ten years later I can safely say that I made the right choice and WordPress is really the best CMS platform out there,” says Philip. In the past, many organizations and developers used CMS designed and developed at home. The aforementioned practice is now completely gone, as supporting a platform is an extremely costly and time consuming process, especially when open source alternatives, such as WordPress, provide system updates every three months, completely free of charge.


When it comes to website development, we know that not everyone wants to spend a lot of time setting up an online domain. This is why we believe that WordPress is indeed a great tool for both beginners and advanced.

WordPress is free, responsive, secure and highly customizable. If you are looking for an easy-to-use digital publishing platform, try WordPress. It will be a quick win to create a better experience for your consumers.


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