8 Web Design Tips to Increase Sales

Every business owner wants a website that encourages users to take the next step: buying or communicating. This step is called conversion and is when the user converts to become a customer. If your website has a lot of traffic but few conversions, you need to determine why.

It is true that many factors can contribute to the problem. Believe it or not, web design can have a powerful impact on shoppers and their choices.

Studies show that product evaluation takes about 90 seconds. Users give the website a fraction of that time: less than eight seconds.

Most first-time visitors to your website are not ready to buy. They research options and compare you to others. Do you know how you respond to the competition? Take a look at websites for market leaders. Then turn your critical eye inward.


Product videos usually increase sales and conversions. The amount varies, but some companies report an increase of up to 144%. B2B businesses or service-based companies can also use videos to share their stories or talk about what sets them apart from their competitors.

Ease of use

Put the most important information on the original. Do not force users to scroll and chase what they want. Create smooth navigation so that users can find intuitive items, not on the first page.


If you offer blank paper or another free item, make sure the word “free” comes out loud and clear. What are the reasons why someone would not buy from you? Your website should also explain how you preventively meet customer needs and address issues.

Short forms

Keep your contact forms short. Enter a name, email address, and zip code. If you are currently using a captcha test, you can try disabling it to see if it makes a difference in response rate without increasing spam.

Virtual chat

More users than ever prefer a fast web chat while searching the phone and the options menu. Even if they do not want to talk, they know there is a choice. This alone can increase confidence.




8 Web Design Tips to Increase Sales

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