7 ways to use Pinterest to expand your Instagram audience

Instagram is now a key element in the marketing strategy of many businesses, which is why knowing how to grow your Instagram using Pinterest is so important.

Thanks to its link-friendly nature, Pinterest is a great platform to increase Instagram traffic, leading in turn to better levels of loyalty and ultimately more followers.

But it’s important to understand exactly how to grow your Instagram using Pinterest.

Pin your content

If your goal is to increase your Instagram account, once the content is published, pin it to the relevant boards for proper performance. To do this, select this image on Instagram to capture it with the URL of the post on the Pinterest panel. While this sounds incredibly obvious and simplistic, your first step in increasing traffic and developing platforms is integrating them.

Quality for quantity

One of the biggest keys to success on Pinterest is quality over quantity. Overlay images, charts, and graphics tend to perform best on Pinterest, so if you post a multi-image post on Instagram, consider creating a specific graphic optimized with Pinterest to get more of it. Once pinned, reconnect it to your original Instagram post for more environment, as you now create great custom content that works on both platforms.


Pinterest can have an effective SEO market when used accurately. This is because fundamentally, Pinterest is basically an optical search engine. By adding relevant keywords to Pinterest that are specific to your business, while aligning with your target audience search terms, you can create optimized content with relevant keywords that do not appear at all, as you would for a website. This helps increase the likelihood that potential users will easily find your profile.

Emphasize the title

Within this, the title is where you need to focus your attention on SEO. Your keywords should cover as many bases as possible, contain as many terms as possible, all to help your pins start appearing in the search results of the right audience. Along with the title, include keywords in your Pin descriptions, along with all relevant search hashtags.


By capturing many keywords in a pin description, you can provide a clear, informative description for viewers that seems to generate interest and conversions. This way you can dramatically increase the traffic to your profile, tables and Pinterest page through clicks that will help you create a loyal audience that is more likely to be interested in buying from you.


Another strategy for growing your Instagram using Pinterest is to use IGTV videos and embed them in your Pinterest. As the ultimate visual platform, videos perform extremely well on Pinterest, so much so that last year there were 6 times more video views on Pinterest than last year.


You can redefine Instagram Stories for Pinterest content by simply posting it as a Pin. Although unfortunately any interactive elements embedded in your Instagram stories, such as stickers or sliding CTAs, will no longer be active or usable on the new platform. So these are present it is wise to remove them, but if not, share them on Pinterest and try to build your audience on multiple platforms.

To grow your Instagram with Pinterest, you need to interact with your audience and give them an important, tangible reason to pay attention, and the most effective way to do this is with useful, visually guided content.




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