7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For The Site

Why choose WordPress for your website?

Ever wanted to start a parallel business, but hesitated because you knew you would need a site? Or did you lose customers because your business does not have one yet?


If you’re not a techie, building a website can be difficult and time consuming if you try it yourself or if you hire someone else to do it.

These concerns are understandable. A site is essential if you want to reach your target market and create it much easier than you realize, especially if you configure it with WordPress. 

What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which means it is designed to help you organize and promote content on your site.

What counts as content? Everything that appears on a website from the header with the business name to the contact details and blog posts and video tutorials. If it is on the site it is content.

7 reasons to choose WordPress for your business website

It can help if you think of the site as an empty retail space. The CMS are the shelves that you have set up to make sure that the contents of the store are organized logically, easily accessible and appear attractive.

When choosing a CMS, you have many options and they are not all equal in cost, function and aesthetics.

Here’s why WordPress is a small business’s best friend:

  1. It’s free

Anything free is good for the small budget of a small business. You will need to pay for web hosting and you may want to buy a theme instead of using one for free to change the way the site looks, but WordPress CMS does not cost anything to download.

  1. It is easy to use

WordPress is “proud” of its installation, which takes only five minutes, and the support guides that guide you through the process.

I’m not familiar with the technical part but I have created several sites with WordPress and it is really so easy to get a basic website that runs satisfactorily. If you do something complicated, you may need to see support forums in the forums, but for most new owners, going from scratch to building a website in minutes is more than enough.

  1. WordPress has a huge support community

30% of all websites are managed by WordPress and hold 60% of the CMS market. The large number of people who use WordPress means that if you have a problem or question, the chances of having an answer in one of the WordPress support forums or developers are very good.

It also means that if you want to outsource its maintenance, content or design, there are many developers, writers, editors and designers who know how CMS works.

  1. It’s easy to make your WordPress site look unique

Because WordPress code is open source, professionals and non-developers are always finding ways to improve it. There are thousands of free and paid themes that you can choose from to make your site look the way you want it to.

The theme will take care of the virtual color scheme, the signs and the details of the layout. Use keywords to find topics that best suit your business, plus it is quite easy to change to a new topic, although there are a few steps you will need to follow to get the site up and running.

  1. Create the functionality of your dreams with WordPress plugins

Once you have selected a web host and theme and set up your homepage, there are thousands of plugins you can use to make your website work exactly the way you want it to. Whether you want to load faster, create back-ups automatically, or optimize blog posts for search results, there is always a plugin (or five) for it.

And because WordPress supports multimedia content, it does not limit you to posts and photos. You can embed videos, podcasts and slideshows with the right plugins.

  1. WordPress takes security seriously

WordPress also makes it easy to keep your site software up to date, which is critical to avoiding hackers. Some WordPress software updates are done automatically to cover vulnerabilities. 

To update the plugins and themes, you have to click on the checkboxes next to the items you want to be updated and then press the update button. The trick is to remember to check for updates, which is why the option of automatic updating becomes so useful, as it saves you from this hassle.

  1. WordPress interacts well with others

Even the most “cool” designed site, must interact perfectly with other platforms and people, so that your site becomes “visible” and you make sales.

WordPress is built to make it easy for search engines to navigate, which means your site will perform better in search results, especially if you add an SEO plugin like Yoast. WordPress also plays well with Google’s new criteria for mobile-friendly websites. You can make your website easier for mobile users to navigate by choosing a theme that is optimized or responsive to mobile from scratch or by installing a plugin to improve mobile performance.

As for sales, if you plan to sell directly from your site, the WordPress plugin Woo Commerce makes it easy to market products, digital downloads, subscriptions and member access.

And if you want to change your web hosting services, then you can move your entire WordPress site to a new host easily, with fewer steps and less time than it would take to move a free site builder-hosted site.

WordPress: The right choice for your website

The bottom line is that if you want a site that looks professional, gets results and is easy to install and maintain, WordPress will almost always be the best choice for you.




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