62.41 of searches on Google Generate 0 Clicks

The Number of such issues is growing: From 54.11% in 2017 to 62.41% in 2020

The data was collected using the Ubersuggest tool, which analyzes hundreds of millions of queries every year. For mobile search, the percentage of requests without clicks is even higher – over 75%.

Why don’t users click on SERPs so often? Because Google offers them a comprehensive answer in blocks at position zero. They display data from sites from the SERP (most often). However, if the answer is already indicated in the block, there is no need to go to the page. 

Users like this experience, so over time, the percentage of SERPs without clicks will only grow. It is not profitable for webmasters, because they are losing traffic. What to do about it? You can only increase the chances of a click in those SERPs where zero positions are not as effective. Statistics will help:

  1. Questions on the SERP are clicked 14.1% more often.
  2. CTR 8.6% higher for title tags 15 to 40 characters long.
  3. Using a keyword in the URL will help you increase your click-through rate by 45%.
  4. Add emotion to your title and you will increase your conversion by 7.3%.
  5. For cards with a filled description, CTR is 5.8% higher.
  6. Yearly titles convert 4.9% more efficiently.
  7. Title starting with “How” will generate 10.4% more clicks.

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