6 Strategic Tips From Seo Experts To Get Massive Traffic

Are you up to date with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) tips?

If not, this is a big problem.

SEO means optimizing your content so that it appears more often in search results. If you mishandle it, your content may remain invisible.

But if you do it right, you can reap significant benefits from increased traffic, which can lead to more conversions, improve the influx of new customers, and boost sales.

And every business wants more traffic, customers and sales, right?

The problem is that SEO rankings have changed a lot over the years. This means that the search engine optimization techniques that worked 5 years ago, will not touch today. That’s why we’ve looked at some expert findings to make sure you use the best SEO strategy for next year.

The six experts share their favorite SEO tips and tactics for building great traffic in 2019. As you will see, if there is one thing that unites them, it is creating better content, but some follow their own unique approaches.

Are you ready for SEO tips? Let’s start:

  1. Improved almost posts

Rewrite the posts that are almost ranked high. There can be many of them. Look for them in Analytics in the Acquisition “Search Console”. Set an advanced filter to display only phrases that have an average rating of more than 10% (on page two).

Now give these articles a general upgrade. Add details, examples, answers, statistics, images, quotes and anything else that will help your website.

If you focus on quality, it is very likely that you will add length and keyphrase usage of course. Make your page something you will be proud of.

Here are three ways to make this tactic even more effective:

  1. Check all page rankings to make sure you will not damage the relevance
  2. As you edit them, focus on the semantically linked subtopics, which are visible on the search results page in the answer boxes and in the “related searches” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Do this as a regular, quarterly content marketing check.

Finally, video marketing can be a huge source of traffic, but some marketers are still unaware of its potential.

  1. Choose the perspective of a video

One of the best SEO tips is: quality over quantity. Having a large number of content pages does not always mean that your site will attract more organic traffic.


Get rid of shallow posts on your blog that have either a low word count or superficial content. Focus on the essential content, which is really inspiring and make every visitor want to read the whole article.

Videos also have a lot of untapped potential, great for SEO. The chances of the user being able to run a 1-minute video quickly, but not having the patience to read a 100-word article, are very high.

  1. Create something useful


Trying to expand you need to build links and focus on links that relate to your brand. When a brand mentions us and does not connect us, we must find links to it. We receive a lot of reports on the internet, so that we have the opportunity to really increase our link profile and actually create more traffic.

Another approach you can take is to build useful services for free. These are pieces of software that have value for your audience, but are available for free. Then make a redirect from the site with the utility back to yours and create many links.

  1. Optimize, Enhance, Distribute

To maximize SEO results, you need to move away from “disposable” content.

Create content based on your business circumstances (business goals, audience needs and content). Focus the content on strategic silos keywords.

Support search targets with 3 types of content:


  • Edit existing content: check it out, update it, and then recreate it.
  • Create new content: based on content gaps and keyword needs, create 5 key types of content (fundamental, FAQs, cyclical, content, and long-term content) to meet your needs public and business.
  • Transform new content: Extend the longevity of content by converting it to other formats (images, video and audio) and related pieces of content to last on your network, social media and other media.
  • Support your search engine optimization goals with the release of your content.
  • Optimize your content. Make it work for your customers, social media, search, influencers and your business. Generate off-ramps to collect email addresses.
  • Enhance the content. Focus on the first 3 days of the show to maximize its range. Use support platforms, influencers and paid advertising (especially Facebook).
  • We distribute your content. Keep promoting it on free and paid media. Publish the updated from time to time, to maximize results

Finally, measure the results and support your growing community.


  1. Increase user engagement

Focus on user engagement. Whether it is updating an existing post or creating a brand new one, the page should be created in such a way as to maximize loyalty.

            The page must:

  • Be easy to read . Content utilizes whitespace, headings, short paragraphs, and related images to make it easier to absorb the page and increase the time a user stays on the page.
  • Include excellent relevant links and offers on the page. Offering relevant internal links that will answer a question of the reader. This can often significantly reduce bounce rates and attract users to your site.
  • Use LSI keywords and answer additional questions that users may think after viewing the content. Offering only the content that the user is looking for is no longer enough. The pages should provide additional information that a user can search for. Providing additional information will help retain the user and inform the search engines that the content of the page not only responds to the search query, but provides additional value that other pieces of content may not have.
  • They contain many ways for users to “absorb” the content. Include images, infographics, videos and text. This will catch the readers’ attention and keep them more committed to the content.

Using these tactics will ensure that your pages are valuable to readers and search engines will mark these pages as high quality content.

6. Replace old blog posts with new ones

Many people draw content for their posts from older posts. These posts help ensure high Google rankings for your preferred keywords. Older posts still contain a lot of useful information, but some of them are outdated.

Knowing SEO, now use old post and do the following:


  1. Update any information that is no longer accurate or relevant.
  2. Add new stock photos and remove any old photos.
  3. Editing / optimizing title and any other text for all images.
  4. Repeat the old titles to be more SEO-friendly.
  5. Add footers to posts that have none, using keywords when possible.
  6. Consider title-tags and meta-descriptions for keywords and relevancy.
  7. Link extra keywords to missing posts.
  8. Check existing links to make sure they are still working, and add links to newer pages that are relevant.
  9. Extended posts by adding more detailed content as Google now prefers information-rich pages.
  10. Repeat for any mistakes. It’s amazing how much you can see with fresh eyes.

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