6 reasons why you need email marketing

You will occasionally hear many views on Email MarketingOthers will tell you that now with the GDPR email marketing is a waste of time. Others will tell you that it is an outdated, inefficient tactic. What is the truth; That none of this applies. Whether we are talking about B2B or B2C business, email marketing is a great tool to increase your customers and your company’s brand awareness.

Want to see the benefits of email marketing and why you need it?









Let’s start.

1) It is absolutely economical and extremely efficient.

Compared to any other means of promotion and advertising it has extremely low cost, one could say almost zero for the business. At the same time, for every € 1 spent on email marketing, it will give you an average of 7-8 times higher return.

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2) It is mobile-friendly

Consider the following. First of all, all modern devices have access to email, which means that at any time you can advertise your products on thousands of devices. Secondly, all but a handful of exceptions have emails so with a smart and correct strategy you can very easily reach your customers effectively and thus increase your sales.

3) You can send automated messages

That is, when someone takes action, send them an email that will immediately inform them of the next steps. This means that you do not have to waste time writing emails, as email automation comes to untie your hands.

4) You can send offers to your customers

Email marketing is a great way to inform your customers about your offers and to encourage them to buy your products or services very effectively. Result; Big increase in sales

5) You can send personalized emails to your customers

With modern technology, you have the ability by following the progress of a user in your website or e-shop to find what he is really interested in and send him an email with a personalized offer or information. Since users love personalized emails this will lead you to much greater conversion.

6) You can very easily take advantage of the newsletter

The newsletter will allow you to send your visitors useful articles depending on what they are interested in, business news, and announcements and why not enter into a dialogue process with them that will help you draw very useful conclusions.

These are the 6 reasons why you need email marketing and it is obvious that email marketing is not just not over but it continues to be even more dynamically one of the most powerful tools for any business that wants to launch its sales immediately, financially, and Efficiently.

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