6 reasons why email marketing is the most powerful and cost effective tool

How often do you check your email? Once or twice a day, or countless times during the 24 hours? The point is most people visit their email inbox every day which makes email marketing one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools for your business. This not only does reach, or attract and retain customers, but also promotes your brand, products, and services to an audience ready to become your customer.

Here are six great reasons why your business should add email marketing to your marketing efforts to date.

1- Conversion Rates (conversion rate)

Email marketing has been shown to have the highest conversion rate of any type of marketing. By building and maintaining a contact list (legitimate) and relevant to your audience for your campaigns, email marketing can be one of the most effective sales tools, thanks to its proven ability to achieve better conversion rates than any other. channel.






2- Brand Awareness (recognition of a product or a brand)

Email marketing can serve as a reminder that your brand exists and you are active in the market, thus increasing the recognition of your brand, creating a direct link with the target markets.

3- Personalized relationships with your customers

Today consumers want to feel that they are part of a community and that they have a personal relationship with brands. Email marketing is a great tool for building personalized and effective relationships with customers, enabling them to engage regularly and directly with the people in your business.

4- Wide and large coverage

Let’s face it. Almost everyone has their email today so that through email marketing your message can reach up to 95% of your target audience.

5- Measurable results – Success

Instead of investing large sums of money in a marketing campaign that will not allow you to measure your expenses, email marketing lets you see exactly how many sales each email generates, evaluate the success of the campaign, and customize them. future campaigns depending on the results.

6- Highly Customizable Targeting

By ensuring that your email marketing list is relevant to your customers, you can customize your campaign to target specific recipient groups according to a number of variables, such as age, gender, address, or income.


If you want all these benefits that will come from email marketing, contact our team to create custom campaigns exclusively for your company.




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