50 SEO Resources for Professionals and Newbies

Official resources of search engines

Before looking for answers in SEO blogs, forums, or social networks, you should look at the official sources of Yandex and Google – here the data is 100% reliable, without speculation and fantasies. In addition, search engines first inform about innovations in their channels.

The downside is that the information is often vague and not very clear. And then you have to study other resources, where they explain themselves in a simpler language, conduct their own experiments and draw conclusions. Nevertheless, every self-respecting SEO is obliged to study official resources in order to be able to distinguish facts from fiction.

  • Yandex blog for webmastersA source of news feeds for all Russian-language SEO blogs and optimizer communities. Everything new that has appeared in Yandex is primarily covered here. The blog often contains news about different products of the company ( Direct, Browser, Toloka, Directory, and others), and they are somehow connected with the work of an optimizer/webmaster. Yandex employees communicate in the comments and answer questions that you can ask directly from your account.
  • Yandex.Webmaster course . A small free online course that includes the basic principles of indexing and site optimization. There are not many lessons, but they will be enough to get you basic knowledge of SEO. Classes consist of theory (text + video), practical assignments,s, and a small test.
  • Yandex AcademyYandex YouTube channel with a large number of training videos. Those looking to learn SEO should take a look at the Site & Search playlist. There, experts talk about different aspects of search engine optimization, preparation of content for the site and analytics, even a little about web developmentThe videos are a little outdated (some of them are already four years old), but very useful for general understanding. Also, the channel periodically comes across recordings of interesting speeches from conferences.
  • Yandex. Advertising technology trainingBut this YouTube channel of Yandex, on the contrary, pleases with frequent updates – new videos are released every week. Basically, they share life hacks on working with Yandex services and publish conference speeches. Useful for anyone interested in digital in general.
  • Help for the webmasterIn this section of Yandex Help, you can read more about site indexing, displaying it in search results, and how to work with Yandex.Webmaster.
  • Google Webmaster Central Blog . Official Google Blog for Webmasters. Here you can find announcements about upcoming changes in algorithms and innovations in Search Console, reports and answers to frequently asked questions. The blog is entirely in English; there is a Russian-language version , where translations of some articles are published, but usually much later than in the original source. The blog in Russian is updated approximately once a month.
  • Official Google Search Console Help . Each section and each function of the webmaster’s panel is described in detail here. In addition, there is a search engine optimization guide for beginners and a  forum for webmasters where you can ask Google experts your questions about promotion or read answers to others.
  • Google Webmasters YouTube ChannelThe official Google Webmaster YouTube Channel. First-hand news, myth debunking, webinars with answers to user questions, conference recordings, promotion tips. Most videos have English subtitles, some also have Russian.

SEO blogs

They are good at helping to improve SEO knowledge, learn about the personal experience of specialists and deal with complex terms. There are many blogs, among them, there are large and authoritative ones.

  • SEO news. It publishes the latest digital developments, including search marketing. In addition to news, on the portal, you can read interviews with opinion leaders, case studies of large companies, selections, and other materials about Internet marketing and SEO.
  • Search engines. One of the oldest search engine optimization resources. Known primarily for its forum, where you can ask questions, share knowledge, learn and discuss the latest changes in the work of search engines, as well as find temporary or permanent work. The blog publishes news in the field of search technologies and digital in general, as well as articles on various aspects of promoting a business on the Internet (including translations of materials from foreign sources).
  • SEO quick. If earlier the blog specialized in search engine optimization (like the previous ones), now they talk about marketing, and business, and freelancing. As for SEO, there is a lot of Western experience, tips for creating content, marketing strategies. SEO quick has not only articles but also small podcasts, webinars, and thematic videos from the  YouTube channel (one of the best on the topic in the Russian-speaking segment, by the way).
  • Blog PromoPultAnother blog about search engine optimization that has successfully evolved into a digital blog after changing the specialization of the service itself. But the topic of SEO is still one of the central ones here, most of the materials are devoted to it. They pay a lot of attention to the technical aspects of website optimization, give step-by-step instructions and explanations that are understandable for a beginner. The company also has a YouTube channel where invited experts talk about everything related to promotion in search engines and marketing in general. Many topics (SEO at the development stage, promotion of construction services, SEO for the marketplace) are difficult to find on other resources. The immersion in information is quite deep, videos last on average


    10–20 minutes. There is a permanent section with news from search engines.


  • Netpeak blog . Here, too, they talk about everything that worries digital specialists; of course, there is also a section on SEO. Updates are rarely encouraged, but interesting cases and guides on technical optimization are published.
  • Ashmanov & Partners blog . Research on ranking factors, excerpts from expert interviews, case studies, and optimization tips. Publications are also infrequent, but this is where you can find a large number of analytical reports. They will help you understand what actually works in SEO, how things are going with search results in different business niches, what changes should be expected. The company posts webinars and conference recordings on its official YouTube channel . Experts tell real stories about promoting a business in search engines, explain how to set up automation, give examples of working with data, and analyze Western experience in SEO. In general, there is something to see and listen to.
  • MegaIndex blogThey write a lot here about the technical aspects of optimization – the titles of the articles are full of complex terms in incomprehensible language. Bookmark this blog and jump to it when you learn the basics of SEOAlthough each material is supported by clear illustrations, the authors of the blog clearly assumed that their readers already had basic knowledge and knowledge of the terminology.
  • Serpstat blogOf course, here they talk about the capabilities of the service and life hacks for working with it. But the main value is presented by SEO specialists’ guest materials. There are blog posts and guides with expert commentary to help you put your basic search engine marketing knowledge into practice.
  • Blog PR-CYLots of comprehensive beginner guides. Here they will explain what anchor text is, how to optimize images on the site, set up pagination or redirects. In addition to SEO, it partially touches on the creation, content, and monetization of sites. Materials following the webinars are published periodically.
  • Referr blog . From the articles on the site, you can collect a whole guide on link promotion – almost all aspects of link building are covered here. Lots of Western experience.






YouTube channels

If there is no special love for reading, and information is perceived better by ear, here is a list of worthy channels with videos about search engine promotion. Some of the channels have been named above, but there are a few more noteworthy.

  • SEO SchoolA good old channel with full SEO lessons from Artem Pilipets. The first videos uploaded to the channel are already four years old, but for the most part, the information has not become outdated – it is quite suitable for understanding the basics. Each topic is revealed as fully as possible, presented in an understandable language. The author of the school has an excellent speech, a simple and interesting style of explanation. There is a desire to see all the lessons at once (there are 17 of them).
    • Pixel ToolsA young channel, which has already accumulated enough webinars from Dmitry Sevalnev, head of the SEO department at Pixel Plus. A lot of useful things for those who are just starting out (everything about search queries, everything about title, current Yandex filters, designing the structure of an online store). At webinars, the author tries to cover as many issues as possible and gives examples – each topic is covered almost 100%. (Although there are short videos with answers to popular questions.) More experienced SEOs can also find a lot of useful information here.
    • Sergey Mokhovikov’s ChannelShort videos (5-10 minutes), in which the author explains the principles of SEO with examples and visualization, talks about the services he uses in his work, and periodically covers the news of search engines.
    • SEO without water . Channel of Andrey Builov, an internet marketer with fifteen years of experience. Basically, he publishes answers to popular (and not so) questions regarding search engine promotion – they are asked by subscribers in the comments. New videos come out almost every day.
    • Website Promotion . On this channel, there is a small course for beginner SEOs, which the owner of the studio-recorded for his specialists. It is useful for those who plan to work in the office on a permanent basis and want to know how many companies actually promote their sites (that is, also by “gray” methods).

    Publics and communities

    If you want to learn SEO even on VKontakte and Facebook, here are some useful public pages and communities worth subscribing to.

    • Diary of a lazy SEO . The author posts various useful things: advice from personal experience, explanations of SEO terms, current promotion strategies. Posts are written in a free style, a lot of storytelling  – very easy to read. You can ask questions in the comments below the posts.
    • SEO blogs digest . Announcements of articles, studies and SEO cases from popular Russian-language resources are published here daily. If you are too lazy to open many different blogs every day, you can subscribe to this public and get the most interesting things in your feed.
    • Community about SEO . Igor Rudnik’s public (Referr, Collaborator), in which he publishes his own and other people’s cases, experiments and life hacks. It also hosts periodically webinars on very useful SEO topics.
    • SEO specialists club . Announcements of interesting articles on SEO (mainly from the site of the creators of the public), updates in the work of search engines, a selection of current vacancies, recordings of training webinars and reports from digital conferences. In the discussion section, you can offer services or find an optimizer for your projects.
    • SEO.Tech . The SEO community on Facebook. Here they share links to interesting articles, post announcements about upcoming events and webinars, just talk about SEO topics.
    • SEO specialist . A Facebook community with nearly 6,000 members that announces feature articles, ask and answer questions, look for or offer a job. The activity is not very high, but the subscription will not be superfluous.

    Telegram channels and chats

    There are a lot of SEOs in Telegram, which means there are places where they unite and communicate. And, of course, the most authoritative ones run their own channels.

    • SEO chat . Continuous communication of SEOs – there are more than 6 thousand participants, high activity, so every day there are new messages. You can ask questions or just chat with more experienced colleagues.
    • SEO BOURGE chat . Active chat, where SEOs hang out, promoting English-language sites. Regulars answer the questions of newcomers quite willingly.
    • Technical SEO . Another highly specialized SEO chat, this time dedicated exclusively to technical website optimization. Almost 3 thousand participants, the activity is high, you can quickly get an answer to your question.
    • Devaka Talk – White SEO . The channel of Sergey Koksharov is a SEO who started his blog (devaka.ru) even before it became mainstream. Now the activity on his personal website has noticeably decreased, but in the Telegram channel, life is in full swing. The author collects here all the most interesting from the SEO sphere – both Russian and Western.
    • SEO channel Shakin.ru . Channel of Mikhail Shakin, another SEO of the “old guard”. On Telegram, he posts links to articles from his blog and posts other people’s materials that deserve attention. Mikhail specializes in promotion in the English-speaking segment and runs a channel entirely dedicated to this topic – English – speaking SEO .
    • NaZapad . By the way, about promotion in the West – here’s another source on this topic. There are months when the channel sags in terms of content, but overall there is a lot to read.
    • SEO blog Reader . Links to interesting and relevant articles, news from the Yandex blog, reposts of suitable materials from “neighboring” channels on the topic of search engine promotion and around it.
    • SEO life . Yandex updates, search engine news, reposts of interesting articles. You can chat in the comments.
    • SEO inside . Search engine innovations, major SEO services updates, and in general any important news affecting the optimizer’s work. Links to interesting talks from conferences are also common.
    • SEO Opinion . There are very few reposts and links – the author talks about SEO and shares useful info right in the channel posts, you don’t need to go anywhere. New texts are born for a long time, so there is no need to wait for frequent updates on the channel.
    • SeoForge . Advice, analytics, and simple reflections from two practicing internet marketers immersed in the fascinating and somewhat mystical world of SEO. Posts are published infrequently, but most of them are case studies and stories from personal experience. Sometimes (very rarely), subscribers’ questions are answered here in detail.
    • Duty SEO Doctor . The author of the channel answers questions that can be asked through a special bot. True, only those who got the most likes are lucky. Subscribers can vote for the most interesting questions and rate the answers of the “doctor”.

    English language resources

    There are much more SEO resources (especially high-quality and reputable) on the foreign Internet than on the Russian Internet. In order not to list everything in a row, I will focus on the best ones – those that I read myself.

    • Search Engine Roundtable . The blog is entirely devoted to promotion in search engines. Here, the latest industry news is promptly broadcasted and actively discussed in the comments (the blog has a rather lively community of active readers).
    • MOZ . One of the most reputable SEO blogs on the English speaking internet. It covers all aspects of search engine promotion and gives a lot of tips for writing content. There is also a permanent column on the blog, Whiteboard Friday, where the presenter explains the topic on the board with the help of diagrams, pictures and important theses (just like in school).
    • SEO Blog by Ahrefs . A blog of a popular SEO service, where they write how to use it to the maximum benefit for promotion. There is also a lot of training materials on search engine optimization: both basic (what are keywords, titles, link building) and advanced (SEO and  JavaScript , how to optimize PDF, how to increase site speed ). Specialists periodically research the search results using their tools and find interesting patterns, which they then write about in articles. These guys also have a YouTube channel where they cover related topics – affiliate marketing, buying sites, and so on.
    • Backlinko . An SEO blog known for its kilometer-long guides that are published 2-3 times a month. Articles, as a rule, are backed up by a lot of research and examples, so they turn out to be very voluminous and deep. Some especially valuable articles (for example, how to quickly get to the first page of Google search results) are available only to subscribers (you need to enter and confirm your email). Brian Dean writes in the simplest possible language, so the meaning can be understood even if your English is not very good.
    • Matthew Woodward’s blog . Matthew is a simple guy who started by creating and promoting his own websites and has grown to a real specialist in digital marketing. The author writes about his experience, shares advice and quotes from official sources. The blog has a bunch of step-by-step guides in which every nuance is “chewed” and there are answers to all questions. Articles are obtained no less and no worse than those of Backlinko.
    • Income School . This is a YouTube channel dedicated to making money on websites (after all, income is the ultimate goal of SEO). No unnecessary chatter and banal theory that the Internet is filled with – only real examples and cases. The authors of the channel show the results they have achieved, share tips on link building, content writing, choosing a niche and  CMS for the site . The emphasis is on informational sites, but it will be useful to anyone interested in search engine optimization – here it is considered as the main marketing channel.
    50 SEO Resources for Professionals and Newbies



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