5 Tips To Write An SEO Blog That Will Attract Visitors And Customers


 Here are 5 helpful tips on how to successfully write an SEO blog that will bring you new visitors and potential customers.

Length of article content

Have your articles have a minimum of 300 words. Google loves long articles and attaches more importance to them than short posts. However, it should be borne in mind that too long articles will drive away some visitors. The optimal length of an article would be approximately 700 words . But remember: no matter how many words your article will have, always take care of the quality of the content. Also, if you do not know the language in which you write well, you will need proofreading so as not to be embarrassed by spelling mistakes.

The number of keyword repetitions

Keywords or “search terms” in your articles should be repeated 1-2% of the entire text . This is a general rule which in practice means that if you have a 300 word article, keywords should be mentioned 3 to 6 times. However, don’t overdo it with keywords because if you over-tag them, Google will recognize them as spam. Instead of one keyword, you can also use variations of the same keyword , e.g. by cases. If you use the keyword “flower sales”, then in case suffixes use terms like “flower sales”, “flower sales”, etc., and use the nominative term itself a maximum of 3-4 times.

Article skyscraper

Occasionally use the skyscraper technique for advanced SEO that will bring you a multitude of visitors and links. Skyscraper , translated as skyscraper, refers to writing a long, meaningful article of a few thousand words that will be very useful and interesting to readers. I wrote one such article for the Renters portal . Article 38 of the golden tips for successful apartment rental contains 4143 words, and within a few months it was seen by almost 10,000 people. Sometimes it is better to spend more time and research on writing one comprehensive article in which you will present everything important on a certain topic, than to write a few shorter articles.


A skyscraper article can also require a few days to write, edit and the like. But the SEO effects can be really great in terms of the number of visitors you attract and inbound links (links that come to your website from other websites).

Link to previous articles

If you have already written some articles on the content of the current article, do not forget to put links to these previous articles. This way, your current article will be more credible because you will show that you know the topic you are writing about. Google also likes websites with a well-organized link structure .

Use Yoast for an SEO blog

Yoast SEO is the best plugin for all those who regularly write SEO articles and posts (provided your website is made in WordPress). When writing, it will automatically show you 12 key points that signal the SEO value of your article. Without Yoast, you could forget about some important rules and guidelines when writing aimed at SEO optimization or a successful SEO blog.

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