5 Tips To Easily Find Customers With Google Adwords

Within a few years, Google Ads has become the largest online ad network in the world. They are offered as an incredibly valuable tool especially for small businesses, so that they can be perceived online. At the same time, they offer a highly user-friendly learning platform and a sensible first investment. When a prospect is looking for a product, service or offer it is very likely that they will first search for it on Google. For this very reason, using AdWords in your business, you automatically put it at the forefront of searches, increase traffic and marketing performs better, thus increasing your sales.

This advertising model, which as you know, you pay with every “click”, gives you the opportunity to bid for the appropriate keywords related to the market, which you target, by connecting directly with an audience that is interested in your products or services. Here are some ways in which Google Ads can help any small business.

     1. How to be “noticed”

When you start a website, it is not enough to fill it with material and be comfortable waiting for the views to come. Consistent and continuous flow to your site is a delicate, costly and long term process. You will have to invest time yourself to achieve a proper flow of traffic or alternatively you will have to pay someone to do the job for you. Google AdWords advertising can be installed immediately and you can see the results in a very short time. Nevertheless, search engine optimization (SEO) is still extremely valuable, but do not rely on it alone.

     2. Target your audience

One of the most useful features of this platform is the ability it provides to the advertiser to target a specific audience, based on a specific location as well as demographics. This way whether you are a neighborhood grocery store or a provincial credit union or even a national e-commerce platform you can choose the business to appear only in the areas that you choose. For start-ups, the ad targeting feature provides another useful customization tool.

Take for example a jewelry store that has recently opened. Google AdWords lets you select the distance at which you want your website and people within these limits to see your ad.

Instead you can block sites from your campaign, thus reducing costs and increasing your profits. A jewelry store for example can even determine the targeting of demographics such as income level, so it is possible to display ads on only 20% of the incomes belonging to a particular neighborhood.

    3. Customize your ads

A necessary step in installing successful online ads is to sign up for your Google My Business account. If you have a building materials business, for example, this free listing adds you to Google Maps, giving you an edge over other businesses in the area.

In addition, it gives more flexibility in the appearance of your ad, allowing a map to appear next to it. The above is known as “Ad Extension” and is one of the various ways in which you can customize your ad. You can also enhance your ads by adding phone numbers, addresses, landing page links and even app download buttons. Think about it, the more contact information you provide to potential customers, the easier it becomes for them to find you and get in touch with you.

    4. Retargeting

It has happened to everyone that we visit a website and later constantly see ads of it when we visit someone else. This is called reorientation and is one of the most effective ways Google AdWords can boost your sales. In a traditional sales expansion, potential customers who have already visited your online store, have already started to make a purchase or often see a product, in the next web browsing they will most likely see your own ad. In this way it has been proven that sales are increasing. It is worth noting that retargeting increases the cost of your initial expense, but increases your chances of success. So it’s a practice that has proven to be worth it for countless businesses.

    5. Mobile friendly site

As most of the internet usage is done by mobile, Google AdWords has adapted its platform to meet this new need. Improvement options for mobile phones abound for small businesses, allowing them to target customers on the go with text and image ads. Configuring ads only on destination devices within a specific radius of your store is essentially expanding the potential customers, “throwing” the ad to all the mobile users who happen to be passing by near your business at that moment. You can even customize the ads to make them appear more often on mobile devices.

Let’s use another example, this time a cafeteria. Think about the fact that you often find yourself in a new city and do a quick search to find the nearest coffee shop? If you’re a business owner and you have set up Google AdWords to target these consumers, you’ve immediately gained a customer as your coffee will return to the top of the search.



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