5 Effective and free web analytics tools

Web analytics is a study of user actions on the site, quality indicators of a resource, traffic, and its sources. The result of this work is a strategy for optimizing the internet portal. In other words, special software allows you to track site transitions, clicks, scrolling, and other visitor activity. And on the basis of this information, you can adjust marketing, change the design, structure, content of the resource, making it more attractive and more convenient for the user.

Basic web analytics metrics:


  • General traffic;
  • Traffic sources (search engine, other sites, social networks, manual address entry, etc.);
  • Bounce rate (percentage of users who viewed only one page or left the resource from the login page);
  • The number of unique visitors;
  • Average session time;
  • Browsing depth (the number of pages viewed per site visit);
  • Conversion rate (the ratio of users who performed the targeted action to the total number of site visitors).
In fact, there are many more metrics for web analytics. Special tools allow you to collect detailed information about various aspects of user behavior. For website promotion and development, web analytics is a prerequisite. There are a number of free tools available to help you get the job done efficiently.

Google analytics 

Google Analytics is the most widely used platform for analyzing website visitor activity and other factors. To use the service, you need to add a piece of JavaScript code to the site pages. The Google Analytics counter is inserted after the opening <head> tag. You can also add a script to track site activity using Google Tag Manager. After installing the counter, you need to test it.
The Google Analytics script allows you to track not only the actions of the user on the “checked” pages. You can collect information about the sources from which the resource was accessed, as well as data from user browsers.
When a visitor visits the site for the first time, the JS script identifies the browser and assigns a unique ID to it using a cookie. On subsequent visits, the system already knows which device and web browser are being used, grouping the visit data properly.
The main groups of Google Analytics report:
  • Conversions (information about targeted user actions);
  • Audience (data about site visitors);
  • Traffic sources (statistics on various channels of referrals to the site);
  • Behavior (detailed information about the interaction of users with the site);
  • Real-time report (what is happening on the site at the moment).
Analytics platform Google Analytics is integrated with Google Ads, which allows you to investigate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and make the necessary adjustments. You can also send information about advertising costs on other sites to the analytics service. For example, using the ApiX-Drive online connector, you can configure the import of data into Google Analytics about the cost of advertising on Facebook. Thus, the analyst has more useful information grouped in one service. 
The basic free functionality of Google Analytics is enough to analyze a site with up to 10 million page views per month. If this figure is higher, then it is recommended to use the paid Premium version, which can track up to 1 billion visits per month.


Yandex is a free tool for analyzing site visits and user actions on an Internet resource. To activate the counter, you need to install the JS code snippet on the required pages.
5 Effective and free web analytics tools


What parameters can the Yandex counter track:
  • The number of visits to the site for a certain period of time;
  • The speed of loading resource pages;
  • Traffic sources;
  • What queries in search engines lead to the site;
  • Depth of page views;
  • Pages with a critical bounce rate.
The service also allows you to get information about users: geolocation, browser data, etc.
Yandex is a powerful web analytics tool that allows you to track not only the main criteria but also receive more highly specialized information. The counter can be assigned up to 200 different “targets”. The analytical platform has a simple interface and convenient tools for visual analysis of user behavior. At the service of specialists are heat maps of scrolling and clicks, as well as the Webvisor service, which records the actions of a visitor in a video file.

Similarweb – analyzing competitors

The Similarweb service is a tool for analyzing various site indicators. The basic functionality of this platform is free; it will be quite enough for many analytical tasks.
Similarweb - analyzing competitors


To analyze your site or a competitor’s resource, enter the address in the appropriate field. After that, the following information will be available:
  • Resource rating (world, in the country, in its category);
  • Schedule and number of site visitors;
  • Bounce rate;
  • Average session time and pageviews per visit;
  • Percentage breakdown of traffic by country;
  • Data on traffic sources (search, social networks, other resources, etc.);
  • Information about third-party traffic source sites;
  • Search query performance data;
  • Segmentation of social media traffic;
  • List of similar resources and competitors.
Similarweb platform allows you to visually compare competing sites by key indicators. The analyst quickly gets a slice of useful information to adjust the strategy for the development of an Internet resource.

Open Web Analytics

The Open Web Analytics project is an open-source web analytics service. OWA is a free tool that allows you to track and analyze visitor activity on sites and applications.
The functionality of Open Web Analytics is comparable to flagship web analytics platforms. With OWA you can get:
  • data about visits to the site;
  • heatmap;
  • statistics on traffic sources;
  • information about user actions, etc.
Data is grouped into reports and presented using visual graphs and charts.

PageSpeed ​​Insights

The free PageSpeed ​​Insights tool from Google allows you to assess the performance of a site and gives recommendations for optimizing the resource.
To get the data, you need to enter the site URL on the main page of the PageSpeed ​​Insights service and click the Analyze button. After that, the system will monitor the site, assess its performance on a 100-point scale, and also provide a breakdown by main parameters.
In addition to analyzing performance, PageSpeed ​​Insights offers tips for optimizing your site with metrics of potential benefit.
The speed of loading and operation of an Internet resource often becomes an important factor in increasing user loyalty. That is why for the development and optimization of the site, it is important to regularly monitor its performance on both desktop and mobile devices.

Website development is impossible without web analytics

High-quality web analytics determines the vector of development of an Internet resource. Analyzing traffic and its sources allows you to adjust your marketing strategy and advertising costs. The study of user behavior on the site, data on bounces, pageview depth, click maps, and scrolling maps help to change design and functionality, as well as update content for more visitor engagement and increase conversions.
There are quite a number of effective tools for analyzing web resources, including those with free functionality. There are also a number of paid platforms (Finteza, Adobe Analytics) that will meet the needs of projects of any size. The functionality of free services can be expanded through integrations with other sites. Sharing data between different platforms will improve the effectiveness of web analytics. Such integrations can be configured using online connectors (Zapier, ApiX-Drive ).


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