5 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business


The pandemic and the closure of many businesses during the quarantine period taught us a lesson. It has become clear that digital marketing and online sales should be at the top of the list of priorities for any business that wants growth and stability.

That’s why we’ve put together some of the top digital marketing trends and tips for small businesses. Keep reading to learn more:

1. Optimization for voice search

It is predicted, based on the increasing use of voice search, that 50% of all searches will be performed through voice search technology.
This is a shocking percentage.
Because of this information, your business should focus on appearing in these voice search results.
Therefore, if your business wants to take steps to be voice-friendly, a select “near me” quote might be helpful.
This “near me” snippet tells the user the top local results for the “near me” voice search. So instead of typing in a Google search and reading results like the ones below, voice search will “tell” these top results to the user.


Focusing on your local search can be very rewarding! Local search is no longer limited to finding results on a computer or on a phone screen, but the results will appear when someone performs a voice search.
For more information on how to improve your local search ranking, just ask us for an update.

2. Consider Influencer Marketing

One of the fastest-growing forms of digital marketing is influencer marketing and if you have not heard or do not know what the results are, click here to learn more.
What motivates people to buy products? Recommending them to their favorite celebrities? Correctly;
Even more shocking, influencers on social media are increasing their trust in their followers, which now competes with the trust that consumers have in their friends when it comes to offering products or services.
We expect influencer marketing to be the same or even stronger than it has been in recent years. Well, think about how you could best use it for your small business.
Keep in mind that you do not need to spend huge sums of money on a brand influencer with a huge audience.
That’s why there are micro-influencers.
They still affect but are accompanied by a lower price. With strong tracking and a positive reputation, these influencers could be included in your business marketing strategy!
SK Digital Services collaborates with a large micro-influencers network that can meet every need of your company in social media marketing. Just contact us and we can organize many influencing marketing campaigns for you

3. Review your paid ads

Advertising is constantly changing, so are business needs for advertising!
To meet these needs, here at SK Digital Services, we undertake to update the advertising designs for your business. To learn more about it click here.
One of the biggest trends in advertising now is focusing on value proposition and the emphasis on why behind a product or service.
As we will mention shortly, personalization can play a huge role in the response of customers to your ads.
This personalization means recognizing the core desires of your customer base.
When it comes to advertising, consumers want to be concise, simple and express the values ​​and ethics of your business in order to choose your business.
Review your personalized approach to paid advertising.

4. Personalization

Three out of four customers who buy products online say they not only expect personalization but appreciate it. So what does personalization mean?
One of the most recognizable formats you can find on platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and others. These sites usually include the “Related items you’ve seen” or “Top picks for you” section as a way to customize their sites to their users’ personal preferences.
If this does not seem possible to your small business, another simple way to do this is through personalized email.
Three out of four customers who buy products online said they do not just expect personalization on websites, but appreciate it.
So what do they mean by personalization?
One of the most recognizable formats can be found on platforms like Netflix, Amazon and others. These sites usually include “About items you’ve seen” or “Top picks for you” as a way to tailor their sites to their users’ personal preferences.
If this does not seem accessible to your small business, another simple way to do this is through personalized email.
These personalized emails could include a customer name at the beginning of the message and a “thank you” for their recent purchases or a reminder of new products you offer if they have not visited your business in a while.
Remember, personalization does not require the use of sophisticated technology or a lot of money. You need to value your customers and show them that they are recognized as individuals.

5. Visual Search / Publications

Simply put, when a user clicks on a photo of a product they are interested in, sites like Google and Pinterest are equipped to display purchase options below the photo for that item, which allows the user to purchase the product. product directly from the photo.
This extends even further to Instagram and Facebook in a function called, shopping posts. Here, Instagram users can also purchase products directly from a photo where it appears. This is less like an index of shopping options offered by Pinterest and Google but still provides shopping options through social media posts. With the announcement of FACEBOOK and Instagram stores, these posts will be the next trend.
It looks something like this:
Visual Search / Publications


It was found that about 69% of new buyers buy items based on visually-oriented searches. Therefore, if one of your business products appears in visual search results, it is more likely to buy it.

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