5 beautiful startup tips for your business

Let’s start with a journey back in time 25 years ago, when the internet was still in its infancy. When the first websites looked magical with flashing lights and all sorts of tricks that no one would have ever imagined, that could be done.

It was absolutely fascinating to see new websites appear every day. Everything was like a dream.

Today I am writing about the importance of web design for start-ups. But why? Why is website design so important to entrepreneurs?

The user is bombarded with countless websites every day. Now with the help of YouTube, everyone feels like a web designer. But as an entrepreneur, you have to have this eye to distinguish what is necessary – to examine all aspects of the business.

This blog will help you. This blog is for everyone, who is willing to start the next business with one click but do not know where to start.

Here are 5 click tricks to start your business.

1. The rule of 5 seconds:

Do you know which button is most used on each site? Any guesswork? You won, if you guessed the “back” button.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the “back” button is the most widely used button on any website.

So we conclude that you only have 5 seconds to make a very good first impression. Make sure you get the user’s attention in those first five seconds.

Use clues to get his attention. Use the images, the text to persuade them to stay. And once you have their attention, enter your value proposition.

The best time to do this is when the user is able to hear you. Talk to him, tell him how your service will solve his problem and do it quickly.

2. Start with a design strategy:

Before hiring someone for this job, you must first have a plan for the design of your site.

To do this, first ask yourself a few questions.

What is the overall message you want to convey with the design?

Does the design of the website represent the values, expectations and prestige of your company?

What is the impact you want the design to leave on the visitor?

In addition to the striking colors and images that awe-inspiring, you should consider every image you place on the website. Why it is important to educate, inspire or motivate the user to perform an action.

3. Make your website timeless:

While it is good to stay in the present, it is also wise to do things that last a long time. A recent trend in web design is responsive websites. That is, the websites that work properly on all available devices (computer, mobile, tablets). This is no longer an option, but a condition.

Make sure your website is running smoothly on every device. Size, usability, speed. Arrange everything in the correct order. If you can not easily navigate your site, how do you expect users to do so?

You have to sacrifice time if your site does not open properly on the device of the user trying to buy your service, on the other side of the world.

It is not the job of the web designer to do that. As an entrepreneur, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that your site is flawless.

Of course, nothing is perfect. But that does not mean you should not try to do it.

4. Beta Tests:

Business owners need to understand that nothing in this world is perfect. Of course, you will face problems even if you are careful with the design. But how do you know if you should never start?

The best way is to launch a beta, ie a trial version of your site. Let the customers know that the design is ready, but always be able to give suggestions and express their opinion.

Ultimately, it is the visitor who will decide if your site is worth it or not. Your job is to make it easier for the customer to decide.

Ask for their opinion often and work on the design accordingly.

Then, they will buy easier than you, because they know you value them.

5. Do not make users think:

Once you have finished a website it is fast and reliable. However, the dropout rate is very high. But what could be the reason? One reason may be that you are forcing users to think.

Many times users have a lot of things in mind and want to use your website to just make a purchase.

Keep things simple. Add an instructional video on how to use your site or photos that indicate how to order.

Make your site as simple as possible so that even your grandfather can place an order. Difficult, but not impossible.


I hope you create what you dream of. To tell you the truth, these tips have helped me, they are tried and tested and can be applied by any entrepreneur. Try it and share your experience with us. Good luck.

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