4 web design tips for your business

When creating and designing your website, the user experience must be taken into account throughout the design process. This is especially true for its design, as a poorly designed website could leave your visitors confused, frustrated, and unlikely to visit your website again.

Even if you do not consider yourself someone with a good eye for web design, you can create a beautiful, user-friendly website that stands out visually. Here are four top web design tips for all levels of designers to create an amazing website.

Use no more than 3 fonts

The more fonts you integrate into a website, the more cluttered it will look. Aim to have a separate font for your headers, your body content, and another element (either your logo or a call to action).

Choosing the best colors

Your website should have a consistent color tone. Just like fonts, they do not contain a ton of different colors. Choose a color scheme.

Also, try to keep all the large action buttons in the same color (make this color appear on the page) so that visitors can recognize each CTA.

Mobile-friendly design

Responsive web design is the current rule of thumb for web design. Most users now use the internet from their mobile devices.

The easier the navigation, the better

Do not make it difficult for your visitors to navigate your website. keep your navigation simple and visible on every page. Make your logo part of your navigation and click on the home page. The more your navigation is simplified, the more likely it is that users will continue to visit your page.

Creating a website can be a very fun process! A good first step in website planning is to design your website through the eyes of your audience and visitors. Think about how they want to perceive your website and what elements they want to see. If you can try to design your website using the above tips combined with the user experience, your website will of course become a well-designed website.

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