3 ways to attract more subscribers to your blog

“I have hundreds of readers who come to my blog every day – but no one has ever subscribed to my newsletter. Help! « 

This request arrived today via email and I thought I would share my response with the 3 suggestions I made.

Thanks for asking – I guess you’re not alone with this problem. Although a lot can be written on this topic, let me suggest 3 things that I found useful for growing subscribers to my blog newsletters.

1. Ask people to subscribe

It sounds a bit simple to be effective, but I’m amazed at how many people subscribe after you mention you have a newsletter. I am also amazed at how many of our regular and loyal readers don’t even know we have a newsletter. (newsletter) , although it was promoted on the blog.

You can do this in several ways, including:

  • Every now and then, write a dedicated article that explains that you have a newsletter and subscription benefits.
  • Mention your newsletter by going to your blog. I’m not saying do every edition, but mentioning it here and there will work wonders.
  • Promote your newsletter through social media. I regularly mention our newsletter on Twitter, when I write a newsletter and when I finish it.

When you mention newsletters regularly, the main thing is that you have to remember to find new ways to talk about them.

  • Mention something that will be in the next newsletter, and it won’t be anywhere else.
  • Mention that you just crossed the milestone of a certain number of subscribers to serve as social proof.
  • Mention that this is a newsletter of progress.

2. Start the series

Advertise that you will be doing a series of articles on your blog on a topic that you know will really be useful to readers.

I remember when I first announced that I was going to start a series of articles on how to build a successful blog, I was amazed at how many people subscribed to my blog in the next 24 hours.

I was giving a signal to readers that I was going to do something that would benefit them, and thus I created anticipation among my readers. This expectation is one of the main reasons why people will subscribe to your blog.

3. Make calls to subscribe in “hot zones”

The last tip is to identify the “focal points” on your blog to make subscriber calls. These are areas of places that readers will search for or pages that they will visit.

Let me suggest a few strategic locations:

1. Under publications

I don’t do that on my blogs, because I use the space below my blog for other things, but over the years I’ve discovered that the area below your blog (and directly above the comments) is the “Warm Zone” where readers often look for what’s next.

Put yourself in the reader’s seat. You read a post that you found useful. Now is a great time to ask readers to subscribe, as they will surely experience a sense of satisfaction and be stimulated and help them in some way.

Here a bold call to subscribe can work wonders.

2. In the most read articles

Analyze your blog and identify the most read articles on your blog. You will probably find that these are receiving traffic on search engines and are likely to be read by people who are browsing your blog for the first time. Those people often leave quickly when they get what they are looking for.

These articles are the right opportunity to make your blog a little more beautiful and we hope you will invite some of these readers to subscribe.

You can do this by adding a subscription call directly in articles, or you can link those articles to an “action call page.”

3. Action call pages

This page is a page where I link the 33 best articles in our archive of beginner bloggers. This is a page that draws readers deep into our archives towards quality content.

This is a good site for generating traffic and taking readers deep into the page, but you are also adding invitations to subscribe to these pages. People click on these calls to action like crazy because on the page we created they can see a bunch of useful content.


We create links to this site prominently in navigation areas around the site in order to direct traffic to it and regularly promote it on social media.

How did you increase subscribers to your blog?


I have barely scratched the surface here to increase the number of blog subscribers and would love to hear your suggestions and experiences on the subject in the comments below.



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