Who is more likely to become a customer – a casual user looking for products and services or a person who is only a click away from the market? The answer to this question is why Remarketing is so effective in Digital Marketing.

If your buyer has already confirmed their interest, your chances of making a purchase (and improving the return on your investment) increase significantly.

Remarketing campaigns can be easily created. You will not get the most out of online advertising unless you pay close attention to detail.

Here are four tips to boost Remarketing success:

1. Do not be afraid to be aggressive

Many times we find that although click-through rates through Remarketing decrease over time, conversion rates (visitor to customer) are almost doubled for buyers who have seen something twice! So it’s worth offering more than what you would pay for a standard ad.

Remarketing lets you display ads to potential customers who have already shown interest in your product or service. This increases conversion rates and lowers costs per sale.

Visitors to a website should not be treated the same way. There will be a priority and more aggressive offer for those who approach the market a bit closer. Through Remarketing, a visitor who enters the order form and leaves is more likely to become a customer. This is compared to a visitor who leaves the site without reading a single page.

2. Run remarketing campaigns for existing customers

Remarketing is effective for connecting with interested buyers, but don’t forget your customers. You can target specific people who have made purchases in the past or have requested more information. Run custom campaigns that advertise the latest goods and services.

Another effective way to keep existing customers informed about discounts and other special offers is through repeat marketing. For people who already trust your business, these campaigns can be even more effective.

3. Offer special discounts to those who leave the shopping cart

People leave websites without purchasing what is in their cart for many reasons. Sometimes they are too busy, or something else is distracting them. Whatever the reason, they were very close to checking out and making a purchase.

Repeated marketing allows you to target specific ads that are only shown to them. Is there a way to motivate them by offering them an attractive coupon to finish what they started?

4. Do not bombard buyers with ads

Repeat marketing is a very effective tool to keep in touch with interested buyers, but put yourself in the consumer’s shoes for a moment. How do you feel when you are bombarded with the same ads online or on TV? You probably do not like it. Not even to your audience.

Thanks to the duration and maximum frequency settings, you can avoid this problem. Your ads follow each buyer for a specified period of time. In the maximum frequency field, you can specify how many times a person will see repetitive marketing messages per day, per week, or per month.


Repeat marketing is a powerful tool to place ads in front of buyers who already know they are interested in what you are selling. Direct communication with these potential customers is a huge advantage and this is reflected in higher CTRs and conversion rates in Remarketing campaigns.

However, repetitive marketing does not guarantee that it will work without the proper optimization techniques we discussed in this post. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to reconnecting with potential buyers who are already close to becoming your customers.

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