17 tips to get attention and make your blog famous


  • How to advertise your WordPress blog (or others)?
  • How to generate free or paid traffic to your blog?
  • How do have visitors to my blog?
  • How to promote your blog?

All these questions you ask are a really big problem: How to get attention and let us know we exist online. And this is the blogger’s biggest struggle: to tell him through the blog that he exists and that he has something to say or sell.

Lack of attention is a very serious problem. And to help you get rid of it, here are some tips to help you promote your blog. The list is not exhaustive, but it is already good to go.

1. Ask Questions
I really can’t think of a better way than this. Do you want readers of your blogs to do something special? Ask them questions or simply ask them to do so. It is an effective technique for attracting people’s attention.

 2. Advertise
Every blogger who wants measurable and controlled results needs advertising. Having a blog is not enoughYou must also communicateSo you need to promote your blog. Promoting means doing marketing, and marketing means making people want your product (blog) and/or service.

To make it easier, you can introduce people to your blog. A blog without traffic simply does not exist.

3. Make the guest
posting quality articles on famous blogs. But watch out for this practice which has the misfortune to degrade the quality of your blog. Guest posting in France does not offer the same results as in the United States, where it is better regulated and practiced. In my opinion, one article a month on two 1-2 blogs is more than enough. You need to find the best content on your blog on the internet, not someone else’s. Never forget him.

4. Share your content Share your content
as much as possible on social media. Be careful to share only excerpts if you really want to publish your blog online. If you publish an entire article, no one will want to know more so no one will visit your blog. The goal is “Do Marketing”. Do you remember the definition I gave you above?

5. Partnerships
Partnerships are great for conveying your message to as many people as possible. It is a marketing approach that proves effective when done well. Any blogger who wants to make their blog to as many people as possible or wants to sell as many products as possible needs partners. Don’t be afraid of that word because, by doing affiliate marketing, you become a partner of the seller of the product or service. This, in turn, means that by running your own affiliate program, you maximize the chances of your blog, products, and services becoming famous.

6. Do video marketing
Some prefer “Watch out” Que “Read”Video marketing takes other forms of marketing. Make a video on a specific topic or product, insert a link to your blog at the beginning and end of the video and send it to youtube.com and it’s time … it’s not a game!

I’m sorry! Posting a video on Youtube is not enough. It must be promoted. And that is the disadvantage of this form of marketing because it requires double promotion. Promotion for your video which in turn will be a famous blog.

7. Computer Graphics The
the visual aspect of a blog plays a very important role in the attention that visitors pay to it. And the more you get the attention of your readers, the easier it is to convey your message through them and sell products. So take care of the design of your blog and always check the quality of the images you post on it.

8. Write an e-book
Any beginner, intermediate or experienced blogger must have (or aspire to) an e-book. Writing an e-book is not as complicated as you might think.

9. SEO
It is easier to convince the person who comes to you than the person you go to. The one who comes to you needs you and is targeted, while in most cases when you go to a person, they need you. If you focus on SEO, decide to attract as many people as possible to your blog.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a time-consuming marketing strategy, but its long-term effectiveness is undeniableSo, instead of looking for an easy way with Google AdWords (which could ruin you), instead, learn SEO techniques and bet on the future.


10. Use the 80/20 Rule
Under this rule, about 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. How to use it to publish your blog? It’s simple: spend 80% of your time trying to promote other blogs (on relevant and useful articles), and only post 20% of that time on your blog. Most of your readers will see you as a link and share useful content. Offer them useful links, tools, and free or paid resources … help them solve the problems they face every day in building an online business.

11. Leave more comments on other blogs
Comment in your niche of the most famous and recognized blogs. Attention! I talk about blogs 4-5 the most. Choose the best and comment only when you have something to say. Yes! For posting someone’s blog through comments, the importance of the blog is paramount. Be helpful. Do not comment leave a link, comment to enter a value. I personally comment on smaller blogs because this year I decided to dedicate myself to writing the most articles on my blog. And it works!

12. Publish unique and useful content The
the era of 500 articles, which, it must be said, is only allowed to fly to the objects they addressed, is over. Today, even for search engines like Google, a good article is a little longer than the words 300-500, contains pictures, infographics, and useful links. But other than that, especially (for your readers this time) is the one that helps solve the given problem.

13. Newsletter
One is publishing your blog and the other is capturing email addresses and retaining readers (potential customers). It’s actually the next stepIf you plan to be online for a long time, I think you should really consider creating a list of subscribers to which you will regularly send updates to the blog. You can also use this list to promote certain products and make money.

To do this, you can always use FeedBurner or AWeber (you will find free AWeber video training on this blog.) Cruise me, email marketing is far from dead.

14. Podcasts
I have to admit that this is an area I haven’t explored yet. But I know that bloggers achieve good results with this marketing technique. Making an audio version of his article is not a bad idea, but after that, it must be recognized, the video is in the process of “eradicating” podcasting. So opt for videos more than podcasts if you’re betting on the long term.

15. Blog less and learn more
Choose two to three useful blogs and subscribe to their newsletter. This will allow you to receive their updates. And if you have some basics in English, subscribe to two or three blocks of Anglo-Saxon that relate to your niche. Believe me, you will learn many more things than you can imagine.

And if the English aren’t your friends either, use a browser like Google Chrome that will automatically translate content from English to French, making it easier for you to understand the articles you read on those English blogs. Saxon. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to spend more time learning than posting or chatting with friends on Facebook. Learn, experience, and publish the results of your experiences as articles.

16. Bet on ridicule and controversy.
All I can say at this level is that it sometimes works. And do it without slander or insulting anyone …


17. Offer for free what others sell
Do you have e-books? Video? Or just something that could help your readers? So offer it for free instead of trying to sell it. Just make sure you are entitled to it and more importantly that the link to your blog is there. You never know …



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