10 Tips For Running An Effective Facebook Contest

A Facebook contest is a great way to increase your audience, interact with visitors to your page, and spread the word about your brand.

How can you run a contest without wasting time and money while maintaining Facebook’s strict rules?

To get you started, here are 10 tips:


1. Understand the instructions of the Facebook contest

Facebook has strict rules regarding platform competitions, so make sure you understand them before running one.

Look at the Facebook guidelines to avoid unnecessary violations – and review them every time you run a contest, as Facebook can make changes at any time. 

2. Know what you want to achieve

There may be a temptation to run a Facebook contest just for fun, but if you don’t know what to expect, how can you know if it is successful?

Before you begin, make sure you clearly define your goals.

You might want to use it to promote your products, drive more traffic to your site, or create buzz around your brand. Keep that in mind as you plan a competition!

3. Choose a relevant award

Offer a prize that is relevant and valuable to the participants.

Don’t forget the target audience – if you offer an award that’s not relevant to your business, you’ll likely have many participants who don’t really care about your business.

4. Select the type of competition

Decide what kind of competition you want to run next.

Then you could ask them to comment on a photo, post a photo or video on your wall, or answer a question. The contests will have to be judged by someone, and you may end up with hundreds of entries.

Consider running a simple format where the winner is selected at random.

To avoid the above, you may want to use a third-party application – they can track participants and pick a winner for you. Additionally, they can organize any data (such as email addresses and Facebook user IDs).

Rafflecopter, Votigo, and WooBox are some of the applications available for this purpose.

5. Define the rules

Make sure you have clear and concise rules (T&C) for the competition.

The methods by which users can participate, when the contest closes, if there are age or position restrictions, what the prize is if they can submit more than one entry, and how the announcement will be made are important factors.

It would be wise to seek professional advice so you are fully protected and in compliance with competition law.

6. Make participation and social sharing easy

We’ve all clicked a contest on Facebook hoping to win a big prize, only to be faced with endless information to fill out.

In the case of a two-week vacation in the Bahamas, users may be willing to enter as much information as possible, but for the most part keep your entry simple and to the point – otherwise, users will lose interest quickly.

Make it easy for contest participants to share the contest with their friends, as this will increase the number of entries.

7. Make sure the contest is mobile responsive

A huge percentage of people who log in to Facebook are from their mobile phones, so to avoid losing them, you need to ensure that the contest is mobile responsive.

If you use a third-party application, choose one that works easily on mobile devices and always try it on your own mobile before promoting the live contest.

8. Enhance it with Facebook ads

Your competition may naturally appear in people’s flow, but the organic approach may not result in the results you desire.

Run some Facebook ads to promote the contest and increase visibility.

9. Promote the contest beyond Facebook

You should also consider promoting the contest beyond Facebook.

Start sharing it on all social media. Promote it even through newsletters.

10. Measure the performance of the competition

Before closing the competition, check its performance.

Examine whether it met your customers’ expectations and yours. You always learn something.



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