10 reasons for WordPress websites

WordPress is a CMS system that first appeared in 2003, and since then the battle of web pages on the WordPress platform has been constantly growing. It is estimated that today about 30% of all websites on the internet are made in WordPress. Well-known websites that use WordPress are for example Reuters, Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine, CNN, Variety, MTV…

Why are there so many websites created in WordPress and what are its benefits? Here are 10…



1. Ease of use 

Once you have a finished WordPress page, you can relatively easily and simply add new texts, images, posts, articles yourself…

2. Manage the website from anywhere

You can edit a WordPress page from anywhere with an internet connection, from any browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer ). You do not need to have any special program installed on your computer.

3. No coding knowledge is required

You can edit your WordPress page even if you know nothing about encoding, HTML, FTP uploads…

4. Google search engines love WordPress

Because WordPress has relatively clean and simple code, Google-type search engines in WordPress can easily find and index it. This means that your page in WordPress if you further optimize it, will not lurk in a corner of the internet where no one will find it.

5. Personal control over your own website

After you buy/create a WordPress website, you have complete control over it in the sense that it is relatively easy to maintain, modify, add new content yourself…

6. The look of the WordPress page can be easily changed

Tired of the look of your WordPress site? There is no problem. With hundreds and thousands of options, you can easily and quickly change the look, layout, colors, font size, ads, images, logo and almost anything you want on your WordPress page. And without any coding!

7. Excellent software support

Each premium WordPress theme, or template, has the support of the programming studio that created it. This means that if anything gets stuck in customizing a WordPress theme, you can always contact the development team who will contact you with a solution. It is in the interest of developers to help you because you can rate premium WordPress themes online. Those topics that are best rated are also sold best.

8. Extending functionality through plugins

Want to add a calendar, image gallery, videos, Twitter account, Facebook likes, polls, ads, weather forecast to your website…? You can do whatever you want because there are thousands of plugins for WordPress that you can use to extend the functionality and usefulness of your website.

9. Page opening speed

You can have hundreds or thousands of articles, posts, images on your WordPress website, but this will not affect the opening speed, ie increasing the content does not slow down WordPress.

10. Multiple administrators 

There can be multiple users/administrators on one WordPress website to add content. Eg. if you have a business and its website created in WordPress, content can be added by multiple employees, i.e. there is no limit to just one administrator.


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