10 Quick Tips for Achieving a Successful Blogger

These are some questions that many novice bloggers haveSome people find a solution in one of these miraculous formations that promise success in a few weeks, while others know the job is big but don’t know where to start.

So, no matter what category you belong to, here are 10 tips when blogging:

1. Use simple words – avoid using powerful or imaginative vocabulary as it will complicate understanding the message that your article is trying to convey to the reader of your blog. And if the latter does not understand your message, then your article will never be appreciated. Blogging is to communicate and communication needs to be understoodI recommend that you use a vocabulary that will allow your 5th-grade child to understand your message.

2. Use the word “You” – instead of using the word “We” or “Them” on your blog, I recommend using the word “You”By doing this, you will personalize your message and each reader will feel like they are the one you are talking to. If on top of that the content of your article is relevant, then you can be sure that your credibility will jump and your article may share your content on social media. Simultaneously improve the referencing of the subject article.

3. Write “Guides” – as I often say on this blog, every article you write should help readers solve one or more specific problemsAnd better than telling them what to do, you have to show them how to do it. This is why Guides articles are so successful. So write a lot of guides “how to do it” such and such others. Readers love this type of article and share it a lot.

4. Write detailed articles – writing a guide is not enough. Above all, you need to write detailed articles if you want to meet the expectations of your readers and those search engines like Google. In other words, detailed articles are generally better referenced on search engines. They allow readers to spend more time on your site and are heavily shared on social media. Which will improve your SEO. However, remember to use the blog for your readers, not for search engines.

5. Hold your readers – use catchy headlines that will create a sense of urgency in your readers. You absolutely must do this if you want them to read your content. Such a title gives this “Valid reason” that the reader needs to pay attention and valuable time to you. A blogger who does not have the attention of his readers and visitors will never make a successful blog.


6. Create a conversation – I also tend to ask questions and ask for action from my readers. In fact, this approach allows me to create a conversation with them that helps me get more comments later. You should do the same.

7. Prove what you say – Don’t post for free on your blog. All information that requires proof must-haveA blogger who does not prove what he says will always lose credibility. So consider publishing static sources and sources of your allegations.

8. Show your authority – your readers know very well that they have a choice. And any bad content gives them a valid reason not to come back to “waste” their time on your site. The topics you cover on your blog are discussed on hundreds of other blogs … so why would you still read yours? To continue this, you must give them a valid reason. You have to show “without boasting” that you are an authority in your field. If you are still just a beginner, then this advice will only come in handy in a few months or years 😉.

9. Take care of your readers – the degree of attention you pay to your readers and the quality of the solution you suggest to them will always define the success you will experience as a bloggerDon’t blog just for him or for the money you could make. A blog for the same reason as all successful bloggers: help peopleYes, you have to be helpful, polite, and considerate. Reply to the various comments and emails left by your readers. Try to understand their needs better than anyone else and offer them the best solutions.

10. Use the right tools – there is not enough to say. You also need to use the right tools first and foremost. By that I mean you have to use the best plugins, good hosting service (dedicated if your resources allow), CDNs like Cloudflare, and other tools. when I first started, I thought it was enough to create a blog, and the content will do the rest … but with time and experience, I quickly realized that building a successful blog requires the use and configuration of additional tools.

As you can see, becoming a blogger is not that simple. But rest assured anyone can succeed in blogging from the moment they know how to do itSo you too can build a successful blog if you have the right approach and most importantly, if you use the right tools.

So, what do you think about this article? Do you have any more tips for adding? Feel free to leave a comment to let me know.


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