10 Instagram algorithms you need to know


Building a true relationship with your followers on Instagram is the most basic tool to “beat” any algorithm and reach high in the rankings. Discover the 10 most important Instagram algorithms




# 1: There are many Instagram algorithms

You will often hear the Instagram algorithm mentioned as a unique concept. In reality, however, many algorithms work at the same time. For example, the Instagram feed algorithm is different from the Instagram Explore Page algorithm as it is from the IGTV algorithm.

There are many algorithms with different functions each, depending on the purpose it satisfies. But they all work with the same principle: to provide the user with the best possible content in relation to their interests.

# 2: The feed algorithm calculates the ranking based on four key factors

In a recent Instagram Live, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, shared with the audience just the way it works flow algorithm Instagram.

During the broadcast, Mosseri revealed the most important factors that the Instagram algorithm takes into account:

  • Information about the post itself: Is it a photo or a video? What is the issue? Does he have many likes?
  • Information about you: How many followers do you have and how many do you follow?
  • Your activity: Do you tend to watch a lot of videos? What content do you usually deal with?
  • The interaction history: Do you like or comment on many of the other users’ posts?

# 3 The Instagram flow algorithm looks at five “important” interactions

During the live, Mosseri also shared which user reactions are most important to the Instagram algorithm and affect ranking:

  • Time: how long does one user stand in your post?
  • Like: how many people click “like” in your post?
  • Comment: how many comments are on your post?
  • Save: How many save your post?
  • Visit: How many people visit your profile after seeing the post?

If the algorithm calculates that you do not collect any or none of these interactions, then it will exclude you from the feed of your followers.

# 4: Adding a user to your “Close Friends” list increases their ranking

Adding someone to your “Close Friends” list is also an important indicator of Instagram algorithms.

If you add someone to your list of “Close Friends”, you will probably notice that in your stream, his posts and stories appear more often.

# 5: News greatly affects the appearance of specific posts

The news as an indicator of the algorithms Instagram, where, say, communicated posts again and again by many users plays an important role in your ranking. 

This means that an older post could appear longer than a more recent one. The reason is that the algorithm realizes that the older post has a higher interest score for the user.

# 6: All account types (personal, business, and content creators) follow the same algorithms

In a series of stories on the Content Creators account or Influencers, Instagram has confirmed that all account types are treated similarly when it comes to algorithms.

This means that you can have a personal or business account. Remember that there is no difference in the way your content is rendered.

Switching your account from personal to professional (Instagram Business), allows you to have more information about the performance of your content as well as all Instagram Analytics. In addition, you can automatically publish your posts on various digital platforms such as Later and save time. 

# 7: Each comment counts as an interaction

One of the biggest myths about the Instagram algorithm is that it does not count comments that are less than three words long. What is the reality? All comments are taken into account, even if they contain only one or two emojis. It all depends on each individual user who interacts with your post. If he deals with your content regularly, the chances increase that you will reach a high ranking on Instagram.

Comments are an important indicator of loyalty to the Instagram algorithm. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to reply to all of your account comments on a regular basis.


This not only keeps your community discussions active but also highlights your brand commitment. 

# 8: The number of interactions in the first 30 minutes does not determine the ranking

Instagram has confirmed that the number of interactions a post receives in the first 30 minutes does not determine the flow ranking. As mentioned above, the flow algorithm determines the ranking of the publication based on four key factors, and these are not limited to the time point of 30 minutes.

# 9: Streaming algorithm does not favor video over photos

The Instagram streaming algorithm does not care if you upload photos and videos.

However, video content is usually more appealing and takes more “time” per post, an important indicator for the algorithm

# 10: Bots and comments do not work thanks to an Instagram auto-learning algorithm

The false interactions (such as using bots or pods comments) are always recognized and classified as such. Instagram has stated that the best way to create an attractive post is to be authentic! Improve the ranking of your algorithms! Post consistently and keep in touch with your audience.





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